Abused episode 43

Episode 43( Last Episode)

It’s been a long journey. Today, I decided to see my friend. I have been visiting, but today is going to take a long time. I want to tell her everything that has happened since she left.

I carried Ella, while Maxwell carried Emmanuel, we were at the florist shop to get flowers.

” Mummy, rose.” she murmured

My baby girl is as playful as my friend. We drove to the cemetery. Our nanny stayed with the kids, while Maxwell and I went in.

We walked in close hands towards her resting place.

We stopped at her side, I removed my shade; ran my hands over her grave.

” Ella, it’s been six years you left us😩. Sister, it wasn’t easy not seeing your beautiful smile, hearing your hilarious voice, and playing with you. I have to be strong. I read everything you wrote in your diary, and I kept your wishes. Your siblings are all doing well. Oliver is a top military officer in Canada, you need to see our nieces and nephews. They missed the best aunt anyone could ever have. Mother is flying around from one omugwu to another. You know what? she is married. Yes, she met the love of her life when she went for Linda’s omugwu in London. Hah! God blessed us with twins, Ella and Emmanuel. I wished you were there to see the Thanksgiving ceremony! It’s was testimony for Max and I. Ella, my sister I wish you were around when the doctor confirmed we were expecting twins babies in a womb… You know! Maxwell has been a wonderful man. He is here with me, we have come to say goodbye as we shall be relocating to America tomorrow. Do know that I miss you sister. I love you too. Till this day I am yet to fully recover from your absence… I..” I couldn’t finish up

” It’s ok” Max comforted me

We dropped the bunch of flowers on her grave and left to join our kids.

They both crying and giving the nanny a tough time. I wiped my eyes as they ran towards us. I bent down to receive the miracle God gave me.

‘ mummy… Flowers” Ella cried out

Emmanuel was busy playing with my hat. Max carried Ella, while I tried to get Emmanuel off my hat.

We left for my in-laws place. My father and mother in-law are fond of the twins, they are always happy to have them around. We plan to have dinner as one big family before we depart for The US.

Adaora and I didn’t get along, but we were at peace with each other. She is yet to conceive. I made Oluchi manage all my businesses after sealing a contact with her. She is married to one of our staff.

We arrived the Akunna’s mansion, it was a full house.

It’s a mini party for the family. We all ate, drank happily and chatted with each other.

” Honey, I will be in your room” I said to Maxwell who was obliviously having a good time with his brother and friends

I went upstairs to Maxwell room after attending to the babies.

I feel tired from everything. I laid on the bed, going through my phone when the door creaked open.

” Are you done with your friends?” I asked not look away from my phone

” Ruth” I turned to see Adaora

I kept my phone, sat up to face her.

” Ada. What brings you here?🙄”

She ignored my question and sat on the bed besides me. She looked sad

” I never liked you from the beginning. I tried everything to dissuade Max from marrying you. I even went through my mother, but it seems you found favor in their sight. ”

I listen to her attentively

” You both are truly happy and blessed with twins. I feel unlucky and better. It’s almost a decade, I am yet to conceive. There’s no joy in my home. I know there is no love lost between us for years. Please,”

” Ada no. Don’t kneel for me. I’m not God, if he can give me woman with a damaged womb twins what can’t He do”

She was shocked at my revelation.

” Hmm! Damaged? What do you mean”

” You saw us danced all through the twins dedication. Well that dance is not just to show off. There is a reason”

I narrated everything to her about my womb

” Maxwell never mentioned it to us” she revealed

” Ruth, I have swallowed my ego, please pray for me. I want to be a mother, I want to experience mother hood. My husband has been patient enough, my inlaws are impatient. Please, pray for me” she cried out

I held her hands and prayed for her from the depth of my heart.

We both hugged each other afterwards.

” You know I wanted my best friend to marry Max, she was head over heels with him but he never looked her way. I was perplexed as to how he fell for a Yoruba and to add it all, a whore! I am sorry but I thought he deserved better than a loose woman. Well, God works in a mysterious way and He tries to reach everyone of us, no matter how far we go I came to realize. I was sitting on judgement seat! Who am I to judge and condemned when He hasn’t”

I was glad we finally made up after the silent rancor between us.

I hugged her warmly, Maxwell came in looking at us surprisingly.

We disengaged, she smiled at her brother, pat him on his shoulder and left.

” What is going on?”

” What did you see doc?”😁

We laughed holding our hands. I was happy everything is turning out well for us and for our new soon in The US.

NB: this story is entirely fictional. Any similarities to any real life character is purely coincidental.

6 thoughts on “Abused episode 43

  1. thank God for this wonderful piece, its really touching and educative, I really learnt a lot from this. God doesn’t judge us by our past.

  2. Story is supper interesting,educative,emotional and spiritual filled. God never forsakes his own. Thank you so much writer.
    More grace.

  3. What a nice story

    To be sincere, I am moved by this story to the extent that I found myself sober.

    You really did a great job writing this story.
    well done and keep the good work going

  4. To be sincere, I’m really moved by this story to the extent that I found myself sober.

    You really did a great and superb work in writing this story.

    well done and keep the good work going

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