A damsel in Distress episode 7



“Vivian my child, I will advise you, not to run away from your problem, face it, I strongly recommend you tell the truth and be free, my child there’s nothing wrong if you end up as a single mother of two children, Children are Blessings from God, please listen to me, for once in your life, please, I won’t lead you astray, running away with Martin will only bring regrets and shame to you, because when he finds out the truth he will turn against you, … open up to that innocent young man, that has done nothing but love and adore you, tell Martin the truth please” Vivian’s mother adviced

Vivian who was so confused and restless, decided to adhere to her mother’s advice.

No matter how much we try to hide the truth, it sadly still comes out, so what’s the point of hiding the truth? Vivian had discovered that the only way she will move forward was by telling Martin the truth.

Ever since Vivian found out that Chief Okoh was Martin’s father, she had tried all she could to hide the truth, but it was obvious that the truth will still come out regardless and the fact that Martin was the love of her life, made the whole situation even more tensed and complicated.

The next day, Vivian who had made up her mind to reveal her truth, had invited Martin over and the lover boy was already on his way.
The confrontation of a lifetime was about to go down.

Immediately Martin arrived Vivian’s house, Vivian welcomed him warmly, they shared a passionate hug that anyone who knew what was about to happen will tag “The last hug”. When Vivian’s mother saw both of them sharing a warm embrace, she instantly became tensed and began to panic.
“I don’t know why my daughter have to pass through all this, why? With the look of things, my daughter is destined to be alone” The woman had thought sadly.

When Martin and Vivian disengaged from the embrace, Vivian burst into tears, Martin couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.

“My love, why are you in tears, what happened?” He had asked.

Vivian didn’t respond immediately, . The atmosphere was tensed and awkward as Vivian tried to avoid eye contact with him.

Martin was really uncomfortable and some what bothered but he had to take the lead and break the silence.

“My love, I have made plans for our secret wedding, I’m glad you and I, will soon be married, have you told your mother about our plans to get married secretly? We don’t want crowd, your mother and siblings and our friends will grace the occasion” Martin uttered as he smiled faintly to cheer Vivian up.

Vivian was still in tears and Martin wondered what was going on with her.
“why are you crying, my love, please talk to me, Are you okay?, Is it the baby? Is my baby okay? ” Martin asked as he stared closely at her stomach

“Martin, I want you to know that I love you so much, the reason why I invited you here is so I can tell you my truth” Vivian said in tears .

Martin paid attention to Vivian as he wondered what she wanted to say.
After keeping mute for a while, Vivian took a deep breath and began to explain.

“Martin, firstly I want to say ‘Sorry’ for hiding the truth and i also acknowledge that I know your father before now. It all started back when I was just 19 years old, I had lost my dad and my mother was really struggling to raise me and my siblings at the time, I had big dreams but money had always limited me, I met your father and he asked me out, I never had plans to date him but circumstances pushed me into his arms….” Vivian confessed In tears.

Vivian told him everything and Martin couldn’t utter a word, tears was just falling from his eyes.
Martin couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Eric, Vivian’s son was his step brother and that Vivian was his father’s mistress.
He couldn’t control his emotions as tears was just pouring out from his eyes.
Everything suddenly became so clear to him, he now understood why Vivian fainted the day she met his father.

Martin didn’t utter a word, he quietly left, leaving Vivian crying on the bare floor, Vivian’s mother rushed to her side immediately Martin drove away.

“All will be well my child, you have spoke the truth and it will set you free from your sins and from your past” Vivian’s mother said calmly as she lifted her pregnant daughter up from the bare floor.

It was obvious that Martin was gone forever and gradually Vivian started to pick up the pieces of her broken life. She tried her best to move on. It wasn’t easy but as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months,
She began to forget her pain, she channelled all her energy in building her dreams.

Some months after, she delivered a baby boy, who she named David and also Andre just as Martin would have wanted.

Two years after, One warm Saturday, Vivian and her mother were so shocked when they saw Martin in their house, he was not alone, he came with his mother.
Vivian and her mother wondered why they were there. Vivian’s mother reluctantly welcomed them in while Vivian stared at Martin in disbelief.

Finally, when everyone was sitted, Martin’s mother cleared her throat and entered.

“Vivian, I liked you immediately I saw you, there was something about you…. I’m shamed about what my husband had done… you were old enough to be his daughter but he choose to have an affair with you…. I and my children had thought that he was a disciplinarian and a man who love and fear God, he held a very important position in the church, we didnt know he was shameless, when he found out that you had exposed the truth to Martin, he slumped and died instantly, you were not the only girl he had lured into his bed, he was a pig, infact a dog, he goes after little girls and he will lure them into his bed with money and expensive gifts, after his funeral, Martin kept insisting that he wants you and wants to marry you, I kicked against it at first but on a second thought, I decided to give love a chance, you are a victim and I bear no grudge against you, I have already accepted you as my daughter in law, please marry my son, he loves you so much” Martin’s mother said so calmly.

Vivian’s mother was so overwhelmed with joy that she didn’t know when she stood up and embraced Martin’s mother.
Martin also got up and walked closer to Vivian and they both hugged each other so tightly.

Few minutes later, Vivian’s mother went in and came back with Eric and David, Vivian’s Children, Martin’s mother embraced the two cute boys.

Few months later, Martin and Vivian got married and they lived happily ever after.



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