A damsel in Distress episode 6



Martin was Unable to bear the hurt of how his parents rejected Vivian, he barely concentrated on the road as he drove home that evening. More than twice, He almost lost control of the car. But he tried his best to control his emotions and his thought.

When he got to his house, It was passed 8pm, After he freshened up, he called Vivian to check up on her. Vivian’s Heart raced in fear as she took the call, Because she had assumed the worst, when Martin left her house earlier.

Vivian and Martin, chatted for a while but suddenly out of no where, Martin entered in a low tone “my love, have you ever met my father before now? Is there anything you want me to know?”
The manner at which Martin spoke on the phone made Vivian’s heart skip a beat. She was frightened.

“Oh Lord, please I don’t want to lose Martin, I hope chief Okoh had not revealed the truth to his son“ she thought.
Vivian couldn’t utter a word.

“i know you can’t possibly know my father… he has always been a strict and a difficult man but Don’t worry about anything, he can’t come between us, how can a man of his caliber listen to mere gossip ” Martin continued.

Vivian who was still afraid wasn’t going to back off from finding out what Chief Okoh had told his son, When She noticed that her secrets was still unknown to Martin. She entered

“My love, what happened, please talk to me” but Martin didn’t respond immediately, Vivian kept probing him, till he finally let the cat out of the bag.
Martin narrated everything that went down with his parents, When he was done talking, Vivian was so heartbroken, it was obvious that their relationship was doomed, they couldn’t speak any further till Martin hanged up.

“This is so unfair, how did I find myself in this shameful situation, how can I tell Martin that I was his father’s mistress and that Eric, my son, the boy he love so much… is……his step brother, this is too much and to make the matter worst, I am pregnant for Martin, how did I get here?, how will I explain this?, I have slept with father and son, Martin will not continue with our wedding plans, if he finds out the truth, everything will be over” Vivian thought in tears.
She barely slept that night, all through that night her eyes were clouded with tears.

On the other hand, Martin was unable to sleep that night too, he had noticed the way Vivian’s voice suddenly became shaky, when he told her everything that went down with his parents.

“I don’t know why I feel so strange… I don’t think Vivian is hiding something from me. Because we promised to tell each other everything.. she is just heart broken that my parents rejected her, I’m Heartbroken too” Martin thought.

Martin noticed that Vivian was sad and scared when they spoke but the love he had for her clouded his reasoning.
“Vivian is the only woman who had properly shown me what love truly means and feel like, I will marry her with or without my parent’s consent… For Christ’s sake She is having my baby and I can’t possibly leave her just because my parents say so” He continued in his own thought.

The next day, Vivian’s day began with Chief Okoh’s phone call. She reluctantly picked up
“Vivian, so because I refused to make you my second wife, you went for my son How could you? I have been so generous with you, why will you do this to me?” Chief Okoh entered in a harsh tone, all Vivian’s explanation were in vain because the old man had concluded that Vivian intentionally went for his son.

“My son had always been obedient but I don’t know what you did to him, Martin is my first son and it’s an abomination that he is having a child with you and at the same time wants to get married to you, Vivian if you know what is good for you, I’m giving you a week to end any kind of relationship you have with my son” Chief Okoh thundered.

“Chief, What about my pregnancy? I have tried to abort this pregnancy like i tried when I was pregnant with Eric, our son but couldn’t, the doctor said it’s risky for me to abort this pregnancy, I don’t want to die and at the same time, I don’t want to be a single mother of two children, please let me get married to your son, I promise that he will never know that Eric is his step brother, please” Vivian responded in tears but Chief Okoh hushed her up.

“Never, that’s an abomination, I will never allow you get married to my first son, never!, if you don’t leave my son, I will destroy you” Chief Okoh threatened before he hanged up.

Vivian burst into uncontrollably tears.
“Lord, this is so unfair, all I ever wanted was to go to the University, graduate and become a medical doctor and get my mother and siblings out of poverty but here I am, I’m an educated failure, my siblings who are not as educated as myself are doing very well for themselves, why did I allow chief Okoh to mess up my life. Martin loves me so much and he doesn’t deserve what is happening, oh Martin….” Vivian entered still in tears.

Because of the too many controversies, Martin was forced to postpone the wedding.
“My love, I have given my parents one month utimatum to accept you as their daughter in-law, after one month, if they don’t come to accept our love, then we will get married secretly” Martin had told Vivian and she nodded speechlessly, she felt miserable and restless for hiding the truth.

All through many nights, sleep refused to pay Vivian a visit as she kept tossing back and forth; thinking of the battles that were ahead of her to fight. It wasn’t going to be easy for Vivian to let go of Martin.

A month later, Vivian decided to come clean, she had decided to pay Martin a visit and reveal the whole truth to him.
Her mother had assured her, that it was the right thing to do

“If he leaves, then he was never meant to be your husband, what will be, will be. I don’t think getting married to Martin is right after everything that happened between you and his father” Vivian’s mother had told her.

But when Vivian arrived Martin’s house, he had came up with an amazing plan instead or so she thought. The plan threw Vivian off balance as she failed in her mission to reveal her truth to Martin.

“My love, I’m a man and I know what I want, I want you and I want to marry you with or without my parent’s approval, in few weeks, I will be going on a business trip to Australia and I think you should come along with me…but before we go to Australia, we will get married secretly… I want you to have our baby in Australia….that’s if you accept…… My parents will not have any other option but to accept you as their daughter in-law”

Vivian didn’t utter a word, she was so confused, “Martin’s plan seem to be a good one, I will not have to be afraid of what Chief Okoh might do to me, I Can’t leave Martin, I love him so much” Vivian had thought

In few minutes, Martin was elated when Vivian agreed and accepted his plan.
They both seemed to love the plan as they were so excited that they will soon be married to each other.

What is your advice for Vivian?

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