A damsel in Distress episode 2



Two weeks after, Chief Okoh visited the restaurant, he had sat down to enjoy a palatable meal and the next minute he stylishly called Vivian to his table.

“My Queen, how about my proposal? If you are not interested, I won’t bother you again, just hand over my money and I promise that I won’t bother you again” The naughty Chief Okoh threw in. Vivian’s heart skipped a beat due to fear, as she remembered her dream, she knew that there was no way she could replace the huge amount of money that she used for her mother’s treatment, with everything that was going on in Vivian’s life, the poor girl reluctantly agreed to date him. Chief Okoh smiled sheepliy

“My girl, I promise you will never regret this, I will take care of you, I promise”Chief Okoh added still in smiles.

Some months later, through the help of chief Okoh, Vivian gained admission into the University of Calabar, The man had been fulfilling Vivian’s demands without complaining, the naughty man pampered Vivian and gave her everything she demanded for and in return he slept with her, anytime he felt like it. Vivian was like his personal slut, they dated secretly for two years But unfortunately, Vivian got pregnant for the old man. She tried to terminate the pregnancy but it was impossible, Vivian had no choice but to keep the pregnancy, her mother was so disappointed when she found out and Vivian was forced to open up to her mother.

Vivian’s mother became devastated, when she found out that Vivian accepted to date the old man because of money.
“Mom do you remember when you were involved in an accident, and 50 thousand naira was needed for your treatment?” Vivian asked in tears and her mother nodded.

“I got the 50 thousand naira from Chief Okoh, and he has been the one sponsoring my University education” Vivian continued.

Vivian’s mother couldn’t help but cry, she was so devasted as she cried, she felt responsible and guilty.

“Vivian I know I failed you but you shouldn’t have sold your soul to the devil because of money, now see you are pregnant out of wedlock, what will people say, your late father’s family will blame me” Vivian’s mother Said in tears.

“Mom, I don’t care about those people, where were they when we were helpless and hopeless, mom, I know what i did was wrong but I had no choice, please forgive me mommy” Vivian entered in tears.

Some months later, Vivian gave birth to a baby boy who she named Eric.
To Vivian’s greatest surprise, Chief Okoh didn’t shy away from his responsibilities as he kept taken care of her and his child, every month he will send a huge amount of money for their upkeep. Vivian had hopes of becoming Chief Okoh’s second wife, but all her hopes were finally crushed when Chief Okoh revealed that he would not marry her.

“Vivian, I love you too Much but I don’t think I can marry you, the age difference between us is too much, what will people say? I held a very important position in my church… I don’t think my wife or my children will ever forgive me if I get married to you… please Vivian, My wife must not know that i have a child with you, please Vivian, I will give you everything you want, you will never lack as long as I live, I will continue to take care of my son and you, I promise I won’t stop you from getting married to another man, infact you are free to live the way you want” Chief Okoh had told her and she was so devasted but she had no choice but to accept Chief Okoh’s decision.

Five years after, Vivian had long graduated from the University and even concluded her youth service but she was not looking for a job or getting into the medical school as her baby Daddy ,Chief Okoh kept to his words, The man never backed out, as he kept taking care of Vivian and her son, he had bought a detached duplex for Vivian and always wired money into her account. Vivian had it all, money, cars name it but she was always lonely, she needed a man who will love her unconditionally but that never seemed to happen, Ever since, the relationship between her and Chief Okoh ended, she went into new relationships with younger men but all the men she met were not committed.

Vivian was so frustrated and self-loathing. She wished she lived life differently as she was not living her dream or her purpose. She had furthered her education as she always wanted but with everything that was happening in her life, she wasn’t talking about going back to medical school, so she could start practicing medicine. All her dreams had went down with the wind as all she was thinking about was to get a man who will love and adore her son.

Worst of it all was that, Vivian had never been fortunate in all her new relationships. She usually ended up with bad spoilt guys who had little or no regard for her.
Vivian was so desperate to get a man as she quickly gave any guy a chance.

In all the numerous relationships Vivian had been into, one thing was certain and it was the fact that those men saw her like an easy way out to quench their pleasure urges. None of them ever respected her, neither did they care about any of her emotional needs asides love making.

After many break ups and heartbreaks, Vivian was always frustrated, her mother wasn’t helping matter as she constantly reminded her of how her younger ones were happily married.

“You are almost 30 years and you are not talking about settling down…just because I couldn’t send you to the University, you became a mistress to an old man, I told you that man doesn’t have good intentions but no you won’t listen to me, he send money to you but you are not happy, I warned you but you never listened to me, now see… Every year, new boyfriend, none wants a serious relationship with you, because of how you lived your life, that chief turned you to a prostitute, I warned you” Vivian’s mother had told her. She felt devastated and defeated.

Deep down in Vivian’s heart, she knew that wasn’t the life she wanted, she knew there was something better out there, she hated herself all the time and always walked around with regret but there was nothing she could do than to feel bad.

“How long would this continue? I’m so tired of living like this. chief Okoh came into my life to shatter my dreams, I know he takes good care of me and my child, but I have realized that money is not everything, I am living a good life but I’m not happy.. it’s obvious that Chief Okoh had returned to his family and he only send money to me to compensate me for ruining my life, I will ask him to stop sending me money? he had done enough already, I have to start supporting myself, Lord please…just give me my own man, forget about my past….forgive me, Lord, I need my own man, I’m so lonely” She silently prayed.

Few weeks later, Vivian went back to medical school and even though she had told Chief Okoh to stop sending money, the man kept sending more money every passing week.

“You need money to take care of my son, even though I don’t come around, I want my son to be well taken care off. Soon, I will send in a brand new car for my son, Vivian you can’t stop me from taking up my responsibility, Eric is my son and I need to fulfill my duties, I’m not in Nigeria that’s why I haven’t come around, I’m on a vacation with my family, I’m currently in the United States and I will let you know when I return” Chief Okoh had responded

Everything went on as usual in Vivian’s life, until one fateful day something happened. On that day, Vivian was returning home from the medical school. She was so famished and was exhausted.

“I can’t wait to get home” She had thought Halfway into the journey home, her car broke down on the high way.

Vivian got out from the car to see what the problem could be. As she stood there like A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, a luxury car drove pass her and suddenly started reversing backward towards where she parked.

Vivian had no idea that help had come. Behind the wheel was a handsome young man, He came down from the sophisticated car and Vivian’s heart raced.
‘What’s wrong with the car?” the stranger asked,
“Uhmm, I just don’t know, it just broke down and I’m heading home” Vivian politely replied.

The handsome stranger looked at her, smiled and said “If you are in a hurry to get home, why not get into my car let me drop you off and you can come back with your mechanic to fix it, you can’t just stand under the hot sun”. That sounded like a totally great idea but Vivian politely declined.

“Thank you so much, but don’t bother…..all I need is a mechanic because mine is not available” Vivian said.

Immediately, the handsome stranger offered to help, as he called his mechanic over and in no time Vivian’s car was fixed. She thanked the nice stranger who even waited around till her car was fixed and to top it all, he paid the mechanic.

“Wow thank you so much” Vivian had told the handsome stranger.

“Don’t mention, please ensure you get some thing to eat as soon as possible” The nice stranger added.

“I will, Thank you so much, but how did you know that I was famished?” Vivian threw in

” I heard when you were talking to your mom on the phone, I’m so sorry for listening to your conversation, it was not intentional” The handsome stranger replied

“It’s okay, once again, Thank you for your help, I’m so grateful, Mr?…..” Vivian added

“Martin, my name is Martin” The handsome stranger uttered in smiles.

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