Day: May 12, 2024

Incredible story of a man’ who lived to 94 after going 60 YEARS without washing, then died after people convinced him to have a shower

Before his death, ‘Amou Haji’ was known as the ‘world’s dirtiest man’ – and with good reason. At 94 years of age, the dirt-covered Iranian – from Dejgah village, in Fars province – had gone more than 65 years without a shower. He lived in an open brick shack, survived off a diet of rotting porcupine, and […]

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Lady narrates how she slept alone in her lodge only to wake up to see man sleeping beside her

An ex UNN student has shared a perplexing story of how she slept alone in her lodge only to wake up at 3 am to see a man lying beside her. The lady took to social media to remark that her life never ended when she slept alone to wake up to a stranger sleeping beside her bed with […]

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