Dispatch rider eats half bowl of banga and catfish soup

An unexpected drama breaks out after a dispatch rider meant to deliver a sumptuous bowl of banga and catfish soup gets tempted to eat half of it on his way.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment a lady confronted a delivery man for keeping her waiting and being unresponsive to deliver her package.

Drama as dispatch rider eats half bowl of banga and catfish soup

According to the lady, her friend made her a bowl of banga and catfish soup as a gift and decided to send it via courier.

Unfortunately, the dispatch rider meant to deliver the food ate half of it, delivering the remaining half to the lady.

“My friend sent me a full bowl of banga soup and catfish and the rider ate half of it,” the caption on the video stated.

The video has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who found the drama hilarious and shocking at the same time.

Reactions trailing dispatch rider who ate half bowl of banga and catfish soup

debayocraig1 reacted: “This is irritating. Even though it dispatch riding. You need to do professionally. Don’t act like a thief or glutton.”

fornication02 stated: “I know what the rider did was so wrong and unprofessional eating a customer food cos you’re getting paid for your services and if eventually you’re a nice, jovial person I’m sure you’ll get some tips from ur well known customers people are not wicked to that level, and at other hand let not judge him cos he’s hungry.”

adahorxyz noted: “Na waooo ,wetin for reach go make Eba for 2 to 3 days ,instead he eat all ,wicked people.”

Almufassal penned: “Na why I get dispatch rider wey Dey pick up and deliver goods and packages for me.”

insidemedia01 said: “I guess he was hungry but why eat the customer food, he could have just ask for from the vendor.”

Watch the video below …


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